Oprah Says “Take Ten Years Off Your Face In Ten Days”

non surgical face lift

You Can Achieve Amazing Results from a Non Surgical Facelift with Microcurrent!

non surgical facelift

Dear Friend,

Is your face aging faster than you would like? Do your eyes go straight to the bags under your eyes or the increasingly visible lines around your eyes, mouth and forehead? Do you want to look younger, feel stronger and slow the aging process of your face?

If you're answer is yes to that last question... then this may be the most important letter you'll ever read.

Don't you wish you could just wave a magic wand sometimes and make the puffiness around your eyes disappear? Or the skin on your cheeks and chin tighten and lift? Well that's how I feel about Microcurrent... I finally found my magic wand :)

Microcurrent is the best way to look years younger in a matter of hours! Treatments use wave technology to stimulate and tighten your muscles and tone your skin quality, producing elastin and collagen naturally.  This treatment has been around for over 60 years and only recently has it become affordable enough to make it popular. Microcurrent is safe, painless, effective and affordable.

Discover How Microcurrent Can Shave Years Off Your Appearance While Slowing The Rate Of Aging In The Future in this short audio interview!

Learn what microcurrent does and does not do, who it is right for and who it is not, and the benefits vs other beauty treatments. 

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Microcurrent Is For You if You Want:

lose flabA Non Surgical Facelift

lose flabTo Refresh Your Look

tone thighsTighten Lose Skin

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get rid of flabA Mini Facelift

get rid of love handlesTo Feel Great Everytime You Look in the Mirror

lose love handles fastSpend an Hour A Week Relaxing

lose your love handlesA Non Surgical Face Lift

how to get rid of love handlesA Mini Facelift

tone thighsMore Even Skin Tone

lose celluliteTo Reduce the Appearance of Wrinkles & Lines

remove celluliteTo Have Beautiful, Soft, Smooth Skin

avoid cellulite surgeryTo Lift Your jowls, neck and eye brows

non surgical face liftTo Tone and Sculpt Your Body Naturally

I’ve Finally Found the Fountain of Youth!

Now You Can Rejuvenate Your Face and Take Years Off, While Slowing the Aging Process!

Microcurrent is a Relaxing, Painless and Affordable Way to Feel Great and Look Fabulous!

I love to help people feel better about themselves. Using Microcurrent on your face is the best way to get your youthful appearance back. Plastic surgery can be expensive, painful and risky and you're never quite sure how natural the end result will be... while microcurrent naturally tunes your face up and returns you to your younger, beautiful self.

Over the years I have helped hundreds of people come into alignment with their health and beauty goals.  I started as a nationally-certified soft tissue therapist which led to my true passion of the mind/body/spirit healing connection. So, I attained the Master level in (Usui) Reiki, and became a certified in Time-Line Therapy™, Hypnotherapy and a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

I'm telling you this so you understand that I am highly skilled and trained in the health and wellness industry and, when I found out about microcurrent treatments, I got really excited! Finally a healthy alternative to plastic surgery! No down time! No pain, redness or swelling!  Microcurrent facial treatments produce natural, long-lasting results at a fraction of the cost. Most of my clients actually fall asleep during treatments.

All you have to do is come for a visit once a week, lie down and relax.  The rest is up to the microcurrent and me.  The beauty of microcurrent is that you can target specific problem areas... AND it builds momentum with additional sessions. The more sessions you have, the better the results.

There are so many creams and regimens that promise results and very rarely can deliver on those promises. I know people who use every product they can find and still aren’t happy with their facial appearance.  A lot of my clients are women who want to look as young as they feel on the inside. Well thanks to microcurrent, you don’t have to suffer with an aging appearance any longer.  Now you can rejuvinate your face and take years off, while slowing the aging process!

The alternatives to microcurrent are costly and painful! 

Mini facelifts, Laser Treatments and Surgical Facelifts are serious procedures that can cost thousands of dollars, weeks of down time and severe discomfort.  Not to mention the anxiety you may feel and scars you’re left with.  Microcurrent is beneficial to your health, has no down time and is relaxing, painless and affordable. 

One of the many benefits of microcurrent is the lasting effects on your skin.  Your face will age at a slower rate following a microcurrent treatment.  Your face and skin will feel smoother, look more even toned and remain lifted indefinitely.  Microcurrent increases the blood flow to the area we are treating so it actually improves the health of the targeted area.  Some people notice less puffiness, sagging skin and bags under their eyes just to name of few benefits.

Microcurrent is the only non surgical spa treatment that does not harm your skin in order to produce youthful looking results. 

Most treatments that claim they can “fix” your problem in one treatment use techniques that damage your skin to get it to produce collagen and elastin to heal the damage.

Microcurrent works with the natural current of your body to stimulate collagen and elastin without invoking any harm to your body.  It’s painless and very effective.

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